Thursday, April 17, 2014

Installer USB Niresh OSX-Mavericks.dmg file Via Windows PC

Good news is come from Niresh. Now he has develop nice installer USB  flashdrive bootable without need mac book or other PC that have installed OS X. You can Use Windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1.
Installer USB Niresh OSX-Mavericks.dmg file Via Windows PC
Thanks to Niresh we need give support for him, we can donate to him please visit you can join the forum and ask if you find trouble.

You can download torrent file OSX-Mavericks.dmg. Its bootable application was installed so you just can go through install process. please use utorrent for download its.

How to make USB Bootable Mavericks Via windows ?
We need software that can be restore image DMG to USB flash. Please watch the video below complete with tutorial ?

If you have any question. please type on coment box
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Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Backup Restore and Manage Android App


Google Play Store have thousands of applications to a wide variety of categories that can be downloaded by Android users around the world . Whether it's a free or paid services, each eligible application to try. For example only, for applications that can save battery power at Play Store could total more than one even decades . And sometimes we as Android users , do not complete it's like to try just one application alone without comparing other applications and then determine whether or not the application is appropriate .

it feels like a hassle if you need to perform the installation reorder because of course will make the application of the quota twice larger internet . To prevent that , you can use the application AppMonster working to create a backup application that you install and store them in your cell phone memory .

To begin , download AppMonster on Google Play Store

This application is also available in the paid version with a more complete feature

When the installation is done , open the application AppMonster . Then select the application which you wish to backup her . Application file will be saved in the format . Apk .

AppMonster can also be applied when you want to do a factory reset your cell phone and do not want to re-download the app before you install it. You only live copy the application to your PC or laptop and then put back in second after the factory reset .
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is a BitCoin and How to Get It ?


What is a BitCoin and How to Get It ?
BitCoin is a virtual currency that can be used for online transactions . Unlike BitCoin currency in general , BitCoin is not dependent on the person , entity or country that acts as a controller of the currency . BitCoin uses a distributed database and spread to the nodes of a P2P network to journal transactions , and uses cryptography to provide functions - basic security functions , such as ensuring that the BitCoin - BitCoin can only be spent by the people who have it , and should not be done more than once .
When asked how this form of currency , which clearly shaped not like a physical currency issued by a bank nor a currency of a country . The shape of this unique currency is simply a file like ordinary general files .

The file is an encryption of a unique code that makes it not the same with each other . And as mp3 files or word that you have on your computer device , BitCoin files can also be stored in a computer or a flash drive or a software called BitCoin Digital Wallet . Besides BitCoin can also be stored in BitCoin storage services on the Internet in the form of social withdrawal cloud .

In short BitCoin is an electronic currency that is based on the most recent technology and started an option in lieu of gold . BitCoin itself is made from a combination of various technologies of cryptografi , economic and network to form a program that consists of a network of peer - to-peer solid and almost impossible to attack , technological or rather a new currency is called cryptocurrency . BitCoin is ultimately serves as currency .

According to some sources , the history of the birth BitCoin began in 2007 . A computer expert system tries to develop a new model of virtual currency which is not at all bound by any party or authority . The man named Satoshi Nakamoto . Men from the Japanese claim to develop BitCoin for 2 years and started to take it off in the internet world in 2009 and eventually spread to the present .

However, there are some experts who claim that the inventor is a fictitious name and no real person with that name . There are some experts who claim that BitCoin currency is something that is made ​​by a person or group of people who really want to create a new perception in the world of online transactions . And the ultimate goal is of course to take advantage .

Now I will share how to get BitCoin for FREE , but before getting BitCoin , you must have a place to store BitCoin wallet that you get . To make BitCoin wallet , please follow these instructions on Video below :

Open Blockchain site or click HERE

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