Friday, February 1, 2013

Call of Duty 3 Pc Games Full Version Torrent File


Call of Duty 3 Pc Games Full Torrent File Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty 3 takes a bit of a different approach to the traditional COD world. Rather than playing in token battles of World War II and switching from area to area all over the map, Call of Duty 3 is based on one specific set of battles centered around the Normandy Breakout, working up until the liberation of Paris just 88 days later. Taking control of each region represented, players will jump from the American troops over to the Canadians and Polish, as well as the British forces as they push against the elite German Panzer forces.
Breaking it down:

Call of Duty 3 has been reworked and reinvented this time around, following a more specific story and centered around a more cinematic approach due to Treyarch's design. Taking a few notes from Call of Duty: Big Red One, the team has added a ton of cinematic flair, with constant action surrounding the player at all times and the same solid gameplay mechanic as the previous games. Where the title sets itself apart form the other console versions is in the revamped FPS control. Working along the same lines as Metroid 3: Corruption, Call of Duty utilizes a bounding box that gives the player faster and more precise controls, very similar to a PC mouse and keyboard. When the cursor is in the middle of the screen, the player is still. Start moving the Wii-mote against an invisible bounding box, however, and you'll start to move your character's head as well. The farther from the center of the screen you move the controller, the faster you'll turn.

System Requirements :
Hard drive Space=3.20 GB
Graphic Card=128MB
Trailer :

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Call of Duty 3 Pc Games Full Torrent File


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