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EasyBCD V2.0.2 Full Version

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EasyBCD is a program developed by NeoSmart Technologies to configure and tweak the Boot Configuration Data (BCD), a boot database first introduced in Windows Vista. EasyBCD can be used to set up multi-boot environments for computers on which various versions of Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X can be simultaneously installed; EasyBCD can also be used to add entries to bootable tools and utilities, as well as modifying and controlling the behavior of the Windows boot menu. non-profit use without limitations.

Features :

EasyBCD has a number of bootloader-related features that can be used to repair and configure the bootloader. From the "Manage Bootloader" section of EasyBCD, it is possible to switch between the Windows Vista and Windows XP bootloaders in the MBR (BOOTMGR and NTLDR, respectively) from within Windows by simply clicking a button. EasyBCD also offers a feature to back up and restore the BCD (boot configuration data) configuration files for recovery and testing purposes.

Newer versions of EasyBCD also support creating bootable USB disks, by deploying BOOTMGR and the BCD onto a removable disk and performing the necessary actions to make the drive bootable, after which it can be loaded into EasyBCD to add and remove the various supported entry types in order to create bootable repair USB sticks.
EasyBCD also supports changing the boot partition/drive that PC boots from, changing the default boot entry, re-ordering menu entries, and modifying the timeout behavior of the boot menu.

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EasyBCD V2.0.2 Full Version


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